The website offers a free service to clients and suppliers who produce their own products and want to sell them on the website. To use this service, clients and suppliers need to click on the "AD Your Products" link, which will download an Excel sheet that they need to fill out with information about their products. They then need to email this sheet to

Once the sheet has been received, updates about product availability or changes need to be forwarded to ensure that the site is always up-to-date. All products will also need to be approved before they can be listed on the site.

To use this service, clients and suppliers will need to provide company or personal FICA documentation, including certified ID copies and proof of residence not older than three months. The website also offers a webpage creation service for those who require it.

The process for using this service involves completing an application, getting approval, providing all required documentation and details and sending the sheet and images to be loaded onto the website. Once everything has been received, loading to will commence. The website aims to help build businesses together with their clients and suppliers.

Overall, this is a useful service for those who want to sell their products online but may not have the resources or expertise to create their own website. By listing their products on, they can reach a wider audience and potentially increase their sales.


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