The Manufacturer provides users with an automated Internet-based service to design and sell t-shirts and other custom products. By using their and its services in any capacity, you have agreed to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and agree to use the site and service solely as provided in this Agreement. 


Our orders take anywhere from 2-7 working days depending on the orders we currently have and whether the order has many items or not. If there are any delays causing a further delay in processing time, they will be communicated and a way forward to be discussed with you.



All items not made in house are sourced on order. While we select suppliers who are reliable, They may at times be out of stock. If this is the case, we will notify you for a replacement item within a day of your order. Covid 19 May have impact on delivery times to you or from our suppliers.



Printed items are created from the artwork uploaded and the positions and sizes specified on the order. If here are no details on the print positioning or sizing, we will decide a best fit for the print on the ordered product. Each product has a maximum print area and you can specify size based on this. 
The quality of the print is dependent on the quality of the artwork uploaded. We expect at minimum the artwork to have 150DPI and even higher resolution for items with a lot more detail. Poor quality artwork will result in a bad looking design or us having to contact you for a resend of the artwork. This link gives some tips on how to create good quality designs.
Remember that images are seen on your device as RGB and printed in C MYK. This may result in varying colors seen on the print. With the colors not being as vibrant. Keep this in mind when designing your prints
Files are to be uploaded exactly as to be printed. If the background should not be printed, do not add it to the design.


Please Check Your Orders Before Paying!  No Refunds, Where possible we will allow for exchanges. All orders are processed as per your specification so refund becomes difficult.

If you have paid for an order based on a quote, invoice or online amount and you decide to cancel the order or any part of the order once a payment has been received we will NOT be liable for any repayment or refund. The onus is on you to check your order before you place the order and pay any amount. 

We only replace or refund items if they are received in a defective or damaged manner. 

If at our discretion, we decide to refund and money sent, this will be at a 20%-40% charge of the amount paid.


If shipping is paid for we will courier out using one of our courier partners. The tracking number for the order will be sent to you where you can track the order. Our courier take 1 working day for in town areas and up to 3 working days for outlying areas. 

If you are specific about the courier to use please rather do not select shipping and rather arrange for shipping from your side.

If you have opted to collect your order, you will get an email once your order is completed. It is your responsibility to then collect the order at the given address. If an order is not collected for over 4 months with no communication, you will be liable for storage fees up until 6 months. After this period depending on our storage space we may dispose of the product as we currently have no space in the production space for uncollected orders as they accumulate.


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